Reconnaissance Services

Reconnaissance Services

For over a decade our Agency has supplied Agents for reconnaissance operations fighting child trafficking.

Reconnaissance is where our Agents actively gain information about natural features and other activities in an area or location of a mission/operation. Reconnaissance includes physically surveying the terrain, area, location and other related factors. The purpose of reconnaissance is to obtain information for operational requirements for further on-ground intelligence, surveillance, mapping, rescue (recovery), repatriation or extraction. Our reconnaissance is used for our missions/operations or handed over to the relevant organisation to use as required.

Our Reconnaissance Agents

Each Agent holds the relevant qualifications and licenses depending on their role and function within the Group 7 team.

Certificate II in Security Operations, Certificate III in Security Operations, Certificate III in Investigative Services, Diploma of Security & Risk Management, Qualified Private Investigator, Certificate IV in Government (Investigation), Qualified Crisis Negotiator, Qualified Undercover Operations, Qualified Human Trafficking Investigation, Diploma of Professional Counselling.

Licenses Held

Licensed Security Operations, Licensed Private Investigators, Licensed Firearms.

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