Funding Disclosure Statement

Silent Integrity Inc., trading as the Child Recovery Agency

Funding Allocation

Silent Integrity allocation of funds is distributed by the following formula.

After total salaries deducted the following are CRAs allocation of funds.
(Current Salary Totals: $30,000)

75% – Set aside for Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Recovery operations to infiltrate and eradicate child trafficking and sexual exploitation.

15% – Re-invested into CRA to help increase our global efforts in infiltrating and eradicating child trafficking and sexual exploitation.

10% – Admin costs of running CRA.

We offer our services to Government and Non-Government organisations, as well as undertaking our own missions/operations in all areas of Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Recovery on a volunteer basis.

Our services are provided as a resource to Government and Non-Government organisations as well as undertaking our own global services in Child Recovery and fighting child sexual exploitation.


Funding is provided by sponsor contributions, direct donations, fund raising campaigns as well as many Agents self-funding themselves where required.

Mission/Operation Funding

Money raised by sponsor contributions, direct donations and fund raising campaigns is used for flights, accommodation and other travel related expenses as well as meals and all costs required to complete the required mission/operation when deployed.

Note: Funding allocation for the above is dependent on funds available, where funds are not availalbe self-funding options apply.

Agent Payments

All CRA Agents are volunteers and are not paid for their mission/operational duties. All personal expenses and other related cost is borne by the Agent not by CRA.

Agent Training

All Agent training is covered by CRA except travel expenses, accommodation and related personal expenses to attend CRA training programs and courses. CRA training includes all certifications and qualifications required to undertake Agent related duties but does not include the costs for licensing where required. The costs for licensing is borne by the Agent not by CRA. The Agent will obtain and pay the required costs for licensing through the relevant organisations and or authorities. All costs for licensing are paid to the required agencies and not to CRA.

Note: training costs are covered at CRA locations and when training is provided directly by CRA and not when supplied by third-party service providers.

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