Operations Cost Statement

Silent Integrity Inc., trading as the Child Recovery Agency

Operational Cost Allocation

Silent Integrity allocation of operational funds is distributed by the following formula.

The following are base cost assessments, as operational costs and expenses can vary significantly depending on costs within the country we operate in.

Operation/s Information –The following costs for intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, mapping, recovery (rescue), repatriation, or extraction operations are based on one operation, not where operations are combined.

Cost per operation: AUD$5,000+
Includes Airfares, transport, accommodation, and operational costs.
Costs can fluctuate depending on country.

CRA Safe House Information –The following costs for CRA self-funded Safe House options are based on a three-year commitment.

Cost per Safe House: AUD$34,000 (3 year term)
Includes Mandatory three-year term, one year supporting physical, psychological and emotional rehabilitation, one year of training and education programs, and one year for safely re-entering society.
Costs can fluctuate depending on country.

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