Safe House Services

Silent Integrity Inc., trading as the Child Recovery Agency

Safe House Funding & Allocation

CRA fund safe houses for rescued or at-risk children. However, these safe house services are offered based on need and funding. Where we fund long term accommodation, as well as short stay emergency accommodation.

Safe House Services

Long Term – Is where we support via ongoing funding for long term accommodation for women and or children that need safe house options. These are services that are offered through other NGO services as well as our own safe house locations.

Short Term – Is where we support via short term accommodation for women and or children that need emergency safe house options. For emergency services that are offered through other NGO services as well as our own safe house locations.


At the moment, due to lack of funding and sponsorship, CRA are not currently funding Long Term safe house options. However, short term emergency safe house options are always available when required.

If you or an organisation you know wants to help our fight and fund LONG TERM Safe House options, please contact CRA.

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How much does a Safe House cost?

Many times, the lack of safe house options, be they individual safe houses or joint multiple-bed facilities, prevents a rescue.

When CRA provides a safe house, the following will give you a basic idea of what is involved, and the average cost.

First, you need to understand what a safe house is.

A safe house is a house or building carefully chosen for its unassuming appearance. It is an inconspicuous location where one can hide, take shelter, or be held safely. The child's safety is our utmost priority; the safe house is designed to ensure this. Many factors need to be considered, including location and purpose.

This will also depend on the age of the rescued (recovered) child.

It is essential to know that a safe house is provided for different reasons, mainly when dealing with child trafficking, and CRA has a flexible minimum term option. The minimum term is three years when placing an individual in a safe house. However, this doesn't mean that a rescued child will be there for that period. Depending on the child's needs, the duration may be shorter or longer. We place them there with a minimum of three years in mind, but we are flexible to adapt to their unique circumstances.

During the first year, the focus is on the child's rehabilitation, which includes physical, psychological and emotional rehabilitation. The rehabilitation services offered will depend on the individual's needs.

In the second year, the child will continue to receive comprehensive rehabilitation services, but we will also start to include education and training to provide them with skills and a future path. We are committed to thoroughly preparing the child for a better future.

Depending on what has been implemented during the first two years, we will focus on their future in the third year.

The following is only an approximate cost to house and care for a child in a safe house, excluding the volunteer services provided by CRA and associated NGOs.

Average Safe House cost per month: US$450
Average Cost of living per month: US$500

For the three-year term: US$18,450

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