Extraction Services

Extraction Services

Our Agency supplies Agents for extraction operations fighting child trafficking.

An Extraction is where an operation is undertaken to extract a child/children or their family from an active war zone, usually overt in nature. However, it can also be undertaken in an undercover type operation.

CRA operates under MOU agreements, where a specific MOU binds all parties. An MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) is the agreement between CRA and any parties we work with. It covers our intended common line of action. We have MOUs to ensure all parties understand their obligations and the agreements we are all bound by. An MOU is used where parties do not imply a legal commitment or in situations where the parties cannot create a legally enforceable agreement.

Our Extraction Agents

Each Agent holds the relevant qualifications and licenses depending on their role and function within the Group 7 team.

Certificate II in Security Operations, Certificate III in Security Operations, Bodyguard, Certificate III in Investigative Services, Diploma of Security & Risk Management, Qualified Private Investigator, Certificate IV in Government (Investigation), Qualified Crisis Negotiator, Qualified Undercover Operations, Qualified Human Trafficking Investigation, Diploma of Professional Counselling.

Licenses Held

Licensed Security Operations, Licensed Private Investigators, Licensed Firearms.

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