Services Disclosure Statement

Silent Integrity Inc., trading as the Child Recovery Agency

What we do.

Intelligence - Surveillance - Reconnaissance - Mapping - Rescue (Recovery) - Repatriation

CRA offers services to Law Enforcement, Government and Non-Government organisations and undertakes its own missions/operations in all areas of Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Mapping, Rescue (Recovery), and Repatriation.

The overall objective we are contracted to achieve.

The individual and varied operations required to complete the contracted mission.

Intelligence is where our Agents will gather information about possible trafficking or the sexual exploitation of children. Intelligence gathering includes human intelligence, signals intelligence, imagery intelligence, open-source intelligence, technical intelligence, and cyber or digital network intelligence. Our gathered intelligence is used for our missions/operations or handed over to the relevant organisation to use as required.

Surveillance is a subcategory of our Intelligence services, where our Agents will undertake different types of surveillance to obtain information and gather evidence and any information necessary for corroborating evidence. Surveillance can be via electronic surveillance, video, photos, social network, aerial surveillance, human surveillance etc. Our surveillance information is used for our missions/operations or handed over to the relevant organisation to use as required.

Reconnaissance is where our Agents actively gain information about natural features and other activities in an area or location of a mission/operation. Reconnaissance includes physically surveying the terrain, area, location and other related factors. The purpose of reconnaissance is to obtain information for operational requirements for further on-ground intelligence, surveillance, mapping, Rescue (Recovery), or repatriation. Our reconnaissance is used for our missions/operations or handed over to the relevant organisation to use as required.

Mapping aims to provide the safest outcomes for an operation. Mapping is where CRA compiles and processes all intelligence and surveillance data and information about locations, environments, terrain, structures and all related information on an area or location, mapping out what is required for an operation. Our Mapping is used for our operations or handed over to the relevant organisation to use as required.

Rescue (Recovery)
A Rescue (Recovery) is where an operation is undertaken to Rescue (Recovery) a child/children in a raid or Rescue (Recovery) type operation, usually overt in nature. However, it can also be undertaken in an undercover type operation.

CRA has two Rescue (Recovery) classifications, "Direct or Indirect".

Direct Rescue (Recovery):
Where our Agents are physically involved in a Rescue (Recovery).
Indirect Rescue (Recovery):
Where our intelligence, surveillance, or other services provided leads to a Rescue (Recovery) via a Government or Non-Government organisation.

Repatriation is where an operation is undertaken to transport a child/children from one location to another. This is usually in relation to, but not limited to border crossings.

Note: CRA operates under MOU agreements, where a specific MOU binds all parties. An MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) is the agreement between CRA and any parties we work with. It covers our intended common line of action. We have MOUs to ensure all parties understand their obligations and the agreements we are all bound by. An MOU is used where parties do not imply a legal commitment or in situations where the parties cannot create a legally enforceable agreement.

Disclosure Statement Transparency
CRA is bound by MOUs (Memorandum of Understanding) and NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) that are in place to protect the organisations we work with and are contracted to. They are also in place to protect any children/individuals we have been directly or indirectly involved with. However, the information given in this disclosure statement is a brief outline.

Like any Government, Non-Government or Security related organisation, we are bound by confidentiality and classification rules and obligations, and we cannot disclose certain sensitive or classified information.

Our work is predominantly provided covertly (undercover), so we cannot disclose classified information. However, researching our work over the past thirteen years will give you an outline of our professionalism and integrity.

Silent Integrity, trading as the Child Recovery Agency, is transparent and is a registered not-for-profit Incorporated Association. CRA is also registered with the NGO Branch of the UN.

We are audited and governed by all applicable regulations and guidelines.

All Agents are Certified, Qualified and Licensed in their areas of operation.

Operations – Investigations – Rescue (Recovery) - Repatriation.

(Each Agent holds the relevant certifications, qualifications and licenses depending on their classification.)

Certificate II in Security Operations, Certificate III in Security Operations, Certificate III in Investigative Services, Diploma of Security & Risk Management, Qualified Private Investigator, Certificate IV in Government (Investigation), Qualified Crisis Negotiator, Qualified Undercover Operations, Qualified Human Trafficking Investigation, Diploma of Professional Counselling.

Licensed Security Operations, Licensed Bodyguard, Licensed Private Investigator, Licensed Firearms.
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