Australian Independent Child Sexual Crimes Unit

Tracking offenders Nationally & Internationally.

Locally: If you have any information on possible child sexual predators or offenders in Australia that you suspect are doing the wrong thing.

Our main task force the AICSCU targets individuals suspected of travelling overseas to engage in child sexual exploitation.

The AICSCU that deals with finding the paedophiles, the perpetrators of sexual crimes against children, understands that this epidemic is a Global problem, and we offer this Global response for investigation, exposing and hopefully prosecuting individuals that travel into Asia on child sex tours.

Please complete the following form if you have any information on possible child sexual predators.


NOTE: It's MANDATORY you complete all contact information. As we will need to contact you to verify all submitted information. All information submitted must be able to be verified and confirmed before CRA will take any further action.

If you don’t complete all information CRA will not contact you.