Collaboration Services.

Silent Integrity Inc., trading as the Child Recovery Agency

Collaboration for change

Over the years, CRA has collaborated and worked in with different Government and Non-Government organisations to help fight child sexual exploitation and child trafficking.

Now we are expanding our collaborative services.

It’s a fact that if more people or organisations work together to fight child sexual exploitation and trafficking, there should be a faster and more sustainable result.

As collaboration requires leadership and expertise in different areas. CRA offer collaboration where we can offer our input and experience in what we do. Yet if required, where other organisations have the expertise, we can offer a supportive role in the areas we have experience in.

To work collaboratively will give all greater resources, recognition and rewards when fighting this epidemic.

Note: If you would like to collaborate with CRA, we will need you to complete a vetting process,
as we would expect to complete your organisations vetting process.

MOU’s and NDA’s will be clearly outlined and compiled once vetting processes are complete.

If you would like to collaborate.
Let’s Collaborate