Agent Position

Cyber & Digital Intelligence Agent.
(Note: There is no requirement for travel.)

If you feel you may have what it takes to get involved in the fight against child trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children, then this position may suit you. You may be the perfect fit without even knowing it.

CRA positions are volunteer positions.

Job Classification Cyber & Digital Intelligence Agent





Assignment Category

Cyber & Digital Intelligence Agent.
(Note: there is no requirement for travel.)


Casual (Hours to suit operational requirements.)

Job Description Summary

Your role will require you to be able to access the Dark Net to help our fight against child sexual exploitation and child trafficking.

You will be required to research and gather intelligence on the dark net. As well as undertaking other intelligence operations online.

Classification 5

There is a requirement for vetting.
Vetting requirements: Classification 5
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Current Requirements

You MUST currently have the following:

1. Broad Knowledege and Access to the Dark Net.

All other training will be provided.

Note:This position does not require deployment.


(Note: All CRA Agents are recruited as volunteers, there is no cost for Agent training except where/if licensing is required.)

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