Australian Independent Child Sexual Crimes Unit

This specialised unit offers its services in two ways. Locally and Internationally.

Domestic Services

The Child Recovery Agency's AICSCU targets the flow of paedophiles reaching the Countries where children are prey. Part of CRA, the AICSCU, is a specialised unit that deals with fighting child sex tourism, and the sexual exploitation of children where we deal in investigating, exposing and hopefully prosecuting Australians that travel into Asia on child sex tours.

We cannot expect to stop child trafficking and or sexual exploitation in one Country, when part of the problem exists in our own Country.

We also offer intelligence and surveillance services domestically to tackle the growing problem of home-grown sexual exploitation and trafficking of children. Where any confirmed intelligence and or surveillance information is passed onto the relevant Australian authorities.

International Services

The Child Recovery Agency's AICSCU deals with finding the paedophiles, the perpetrators of sexual crimes against children, thoughtout South East Asia. CRA understands that this epidemic is a Global problem, and we offer this Global response for investigation, exposing and hopefully prosecuting individuals that travel throughout South East Asia on child sex tours.

Our services in this area are offered globally.


All CRA Agents are licensed and certified holding the required qualification for the area they are responsible for:
Qualified Undercover Operations
Qualified Human Trafficking Investigations
Certificate III in Investigative Services
Certificate IV in Government (Investigation)
Qualified & Licensed Private Investigators

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